Flix in the Stix


If you’re a New South Welshman or woman, you’ll want to be joining us at Flix in the Stix.

We’re coming to Wagga Wagga (30th Jan), Canberra (Jan 31st), Coffs Harbour (Feb 6), Armidale (Feb 7), Dubbo (Feb 20), Orange (Feb 21) and Bowral (Feb 28).

We’re doing some tunes, My Friend the Chocolate Cake will be too. And there’ll be a handful of award-winning short films from the U.S., the U.K. and Germany as curated by national treasure Deb Mailman.

Really looking forward to performing (and then sitting back and watching) this show.


This Gaming Life

We’re genuinely excited to announce our new show This Gaming Life. Yes, in the past we’ve touched on video games, but with this show we go in deep, real deep with the help of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Austin Wintory (Grammy-nominated composer for Journey). Watch the vid to find out more. Tickets

New music video, MOS on CD

Christmas gift idea alert!

You get home from Brashs. Fight the jewel case because you haven’t worked out yet that it opens easily if you grab it close to the corner. Finally open the disc tray, seat the disc and press close. The faint flicking as the player looks at the disc’s contents. Then it’s a) The crisp punch of sound a moment after you press play. or b) You turn the volume to zero. Press play then pause. Skip back to the start of the track. Volume back up and Kang! Instant Shiny 1s and 0s pouring at your head.

It’s not getting any less close to Christmas right? We three Tripods are very excited to be able to offer Men of Substance in now-retro CD format – a great gift idea.

To celebrate the CD-ness of Men Of Substance, we’ve made a video for the Gay Bar song:

Perfect Tripod at the Zoo

It’s been a lovely old time with Ed singing songs together. This could be the last PT gig in Melbourne.

Join us and the animals (not the band, baby steps) on 24th Jan at the actual Zoo.

And you can still get the album, described by Colin Hay as “Beautiful”  on iTunes and lots of other places. Also a good Christmas idea if your parents like it the ways ours do: “It’s so nice when you play proper music.”

Album: Perfect Tripod Australian Songs

In case you’d missed it, we’ve been doing some shows with Eddie Perfect: singer/actor/writer/man extraordinaire.

Melbourne and Brissie have had a taste of Perfect Tripod Australian Songs and Perth and Sydney follow this Aug and Sept.

And now there’s an album. Farnsey, Gotye, Bowditch, Minogue, Band (the Little River Band. This one word-for-the-artist thing goes all weird when you apply it to band names) all get a run. We’re gonna launch it in Melbourne in the foyer of Hamer Hall on the 28th Aug. We’ll do some songs, answer some questions. There will be a bar. Quote AUSSIE in the promo code, and for $35 you get the signed album as well as the above.

You can’t get it until the launch – though you can pre-order on iTunes.

The Dragon (no relation) in Melbourne

The Dragon (no relation to Tripod versus the Dragon) sees us playing the titular three-headed Dragon. We’re very excited to be titular in this new Malthouse play. It’s about a town that’s weirdly happy to be ruled over by a three-headed monster that demands yearly flesh payments.

There will be beautiful heroines (well, one. The Dragon ate the rest of them) There will be shiny armour. There will be songs, written and sung by us.

Here’s a little behind the scenes video. n.b. Armour fetishists, don’t fret. The armour in this vid is just the rehearsal armour. The real armour is as heavy as a small car, okay?

The Malthouse, Southbank
27th June – 26th July


Quasimodo’s Dream featuring Gotye and Eddie Perfect is out on iTunes.

Again with the making of video

Perth-ect Tripod, New single The Blueprint

Thanks Brissie, for fun times at the Perfect Tripod shows. Lovely review here

Perth is next. We’re excited to be playing the Regal Theatre for the first time. Fri and Sat the 30th and 31st of August. Tickets

Men of Substance the album is so very out. We just did the new single: The Blueprint on Adam Hills’ show. Click on the pic below to see that (we’re on at 29:24). What’s the drumkit in the background? Watch the end of the show to see.


Perfect Tripod and Gotye

We’ve recorded Quasimodo’s Dream with Gotye in support of SLAM. to find out more go here

New album, MICF, Perfect Tripod in Bris

Yes, it’s time, Melbourne. We are deeply excited to be bringing Men of Substance to the Melbourne Intentional Comic Funfest. The last time we did it was with Tripod versus the Dragon, and we wanted to wait until, I mean work our asses off until, we had a show we really liked before we did it again. Men of Substance is that show. We’ve finished the out-of-town tryouts, having just played the Sydney Opera House. get tickets here

To coincide with the live show, we’re also releasing our new studio album Men of Substance on March 28. Produced by John Castle (Washington, The Bamboos), it’s a popstravaganza (I’m always a bit leery of calling our own music “pop”, especially when it’s not even released yet, since it has to be actually popular before you can call it that. But you’ve gotta back yourself don’t you?)  You can pre-order the digital version for just 7 bucks or more, if you’d like, here through Bandcamp. When it’s released you’ll be able to get it elsewhere, eg. the well-manicured-lawned, gated community that is ITunes and, of course, in CD format at gigs.

Perfect Tripod: Australian Songs comes to Brissy.

Get tickets here

Men of Substance Tour/lots of other things

Tripopoes, there’s plenty to talk about.

Melbourne just supped on Perfect Tripod. Read the review here.

The week before we were playing Men of Substance at the Sydney Opera House. And for the busy person, please enjoy our review:








And on it went.

Plus, the Men of Substance Album, produced by John Castle (The Bamboos, Washington) is imminent.

Also: Melbourne, what rhymes with Belhorn Scinter-Zashon’l Dromedy Mesty Vol? Well we’re doing it. At the Spiegeltent (it would be publicity suicide to do a sounds-like for this) There will be a BIG SONG AND DANCE closer to the event. And during, obviously. Several of them.

Tamworth this Sat 26th. Finally.  TICKETS
Here’s our mournfull, pre-being-accepted country ballad:

Also, beginning mid-feb, our Men of Substance Tour (see Gigs page for details)

14th Feb Illawarra Performing Arts Centre
15th Feb Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre
16th Wagga Civic Theatre
1st Mar Geelong Performing Arts Centre
2nd Mar Wyndham Cultural Centre
6th Mar Drum Theatre, Dandenong
7th Mar Plenty Ranges Arts Centre
8th Mar Frankston Arts Centre
9th Mar Cardinia Cultural Centre
10th Mar Karralyka Centre
13th Mar Colac Performing Arts Centre
14th Mar Wesley Performing Arts Centre, Horsham
15th Mar Her Majesty’s Theatre, Ballarat
16th Mar Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre, Mt Gambier
17th Mar Lighthouse Theatre, Warrnambool

22nd -23 Mar Canberra Comedy Festival

At the risk of over-filling your heads, Tripod are collaborating with some folk at The Malthouse, adapting a Russian play called The Dragon(no relation). We’re totes excited to be working with such theatrical heavy hitters as Marion Potts, Toby Schmitz, Jimi Bani, John Leary and Nikki Shiels. It’ll be on in June-July.

Perfect Tripod mini-doco part 2

Only a month and a half, now Melbs, until we premiere Perfect Tripod at the Arts Centre. Check this out to see us talk about the process of picking the songs for the show. TICKETS

And for those of you who are a bit more Sydney-inclined, ie you live in Sydney, Men of Substance opens at the Opera House on the 3rd of Jan. That’s even more not further away. TICKETS