Perfect Tripod mini-doco part 2

Only a month and a half, now Melbs, until we premiere Perfect Tripod at the Arts Centre. Check this out to see us talk about the process of picking the songs for the show. TICKETS

And for those of you who are a bit more Sydney-inclined, ie you live in Sydney, Men of Substance opens at the Opera House on the 3rd of Jan. That’s even more not further away. TICKETS

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It’s been a while, Sydney, and it’s definitely time. Last time you saw us we were fighting a Dragon. This time, well, read the blurb:

Tripod: Boys? Men? Men’s men? Lady boys? In Men of Substance, armed with tattered wisdom, cheap scotch and unlicensed firearms, they’ll bring to bear their hard-earned cabaret chops to show you how and in what way the once scorching charismageddon of the new generation have morphed into craggy fugitives with a suitcase of regrets and a glass eye. In song.

Men of Substance lands at your Opera House on the 3rd of Jan, and we couldn’t be more excited – except perhaps if we found out Disney were letting Joss Whedon direct the new Star Wars movies.


3-13th Jan 7:30pm
Sydney Opera House’s got a new face!

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Perfect Tripod

Arts Centre Melbourne and Smartartists Management presents… “Perfect Tripod”. Eddie Perfect & Tripod join forces for debut show of classic aussie songs.

Inspired by their celebrated rendition of Paul Kelly’s Meet Me in the Middle of the Air, the harmony supergroup that is Eddie Perfect and Tripod have re-united to craft a collection of vocal arrangements for two special nights at the Art Centre’s Playhouse next January.

In this Australian debut performance, Perfect Tripod: Australian Songs will feature a set list of iconic Australian hits from across the ages. With a hand-picked playlist of fair-dinkum winners, filtered through four of the most idiosyncratic voices and musical brains working on the Australian stage today, this promises to be a unique, inspiring and fun night out.

Perfect Tripod found its genesis in the smoke and feathers of the Famous Spiegeltent, where Eddie and Tripod first performed Paul’s beautiful psalm to a rapt cabaret audience for a one-off show. Paul himself described the performance as “stunning”, and it subsequently became a bit of a party piece for the boys, rolling it out on the ABC TV’s Sideshow and reprising it at the Logies in 2011.
These giants of the music-slash-cabaret-slash-comedy scene have been raring to work together again ever since. The slightest whiff of a matching gap in their calendars was enough to get the four of them around the silver flecked laminex table in Tripod’s clubhouse for a serious head scratch about a show.

Now, the time has finally come – next January at the Arts Centre, Perfect Tripod will deliver a veritable zodiac of Australian music. Star signs you should expect include – the Crawl, the Chisel, the Budgie, the Voice and some new constellations in the Aussie songwriting firmament which may surprise you.

ARIA Award winning Tripod’s decades of inventive harmony and Helpmann Award winning Eddie Perfect’s peerless skill as a composer and interpreter combine to make Perfect Tripod: Australian Songs a beautiful show packed with breathtaking singing, delivered with the sort of playful confidence that can only come with a serious combination of skills and experience on the stage. Don’t miss this rare opportunity.

DATES: Friday 18 & Saturday 19 January 2013
VENUE: Playhouse, Arts Centre Melbourne
BOOKINGS: 1300 182 183

Tickets on sale now. TICKETS

For all media enquiries please contact:

Asha Holmes | Phone: 0403 274 299 | Email: