Assassin’s Creed – Syndicate

Price: $9.00USD or more for Digital version
Description: Featuring Austin’s Wintory’s score from the game, as well as murder ballads written by Tripod and Austin.

Perfect Tripod – 2013

PerfectTripod_Web-cropped-to-square-e1376290940180Price: From $15 
Description: Tripod join Eddie Perfect in an a capella explosion, singing Australian Songs

AVAILABLE iTunes, JB Hifi or ABC Shop


Men of Substance – 2013

Price: $7.00 or more for Digital version
Description:  The latest studio album. Tripod light a cigarette, pour a brandy, go get the gun that’s taped behind the toilet cistern, and sing songs about how it all went down.


Tripod Vs The Dragon (DVD) – 2010

Description: An epic tale of Dragons, Dungeons, Wizards, Warriors and close-harmony singing. Scod, a wizard, Yon, a priest and Gatesy, a warrior who dreams of being a bard, embark on a quest to map a secret place. They meet a woman (Elana Stone) on the way who turns out to be a Dragon (spoiler alert).*If you’re playing this outside Australia, know that it is region ‘0’. PAL only.


Tripod Vs The Dragon (CD) – 2010


Live At Woodford (DVD) – 2009

Description: Live at Woodford Folk Festival




For The Love Of God! A Tripod Christmas Album – 2008

Description: A comedic spin on the stories of christmas. All through this album is the nostaglia of christmas records from the 50s, 60s and 70s.



Perfectly Good Songs – Mini Album – 2006


Songs from Self Saucing – Live Album – 2006

Price: $7.00 or more for Digital version
Description: Captured in front of a sell out crowd at the HI-FI Bar and Ballroom during the final days of the 2006 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Tripod – Songs from Self-Saucing shows a comedy group at the height of its powers… again.


POD August Night (DVD) – 2006

Price: $17.99 + Postage and Handling
Description: POD August Night recorded live at the Northcote Social Club. Special features include: Meanwhile in 1998 (A doco about the boys’ first trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival), Cinema Tripodite: Sketches from the original Pod August Nightses, Slide Night, Pickpocket: A Pickpocket’s Tale, Gonna Make You Happy Tonight – the Clip.



Middleborough Rd – 2004

Price: $17.99 + Postage and Handling
Description: Tripod’s Aria-award winning studio album available on cd in stores and online!



Feghmaha – Live Album – 2004

Price: $7.00 or more for Digital version
Description: Fegh Maha is the fifth (and 1st double) album released by Tripod, and their second live album. It was nominated in 2004 for the ARIA category Best Comedy Release.


About An Hour of Song In An Hour… Again – 2003

Price: $25.00 + Postage and Handling
Description: More Song in an Hour favourites from 2003.




About An Hour of Song In An Hour – 2002

Price: $25.00 + Postage and Handling
Description: The heady days where Tripod were asked by Wil Anderson and Adam Spencer to write a song within the hour to be broadcast to a national Triple J audience… at 7 in the morning.


Tripod tells the tale of The Adventures of Tosswinkle the Pirate (DVD) – 2001

Description: Join Tripod as they attempt to tell a very simple pirate story and fail miserably. Comic and musical geniuses they may be, but whoever let them near a theatre should have thought it through. With Special Feature: Making of the Deleted Scene.





Open Slather Special Christmas Edition – 2000

Price: $25.00 + Postage and Handling
Description: Includes the Open Slather live show with bonus radio single of I HATE YOUR FAMILY. Listen to the track on Youtube here.



Open Slather – Live Album – 2000

Price: $25.00 + Postage and Handling
Description: Includes Mucus, Apparently, Love Song, 2nd Draw Down, Gatesy’s Descent Into Madness, Yon and His Flute, Stalk, Cuckold, Ikea, Busted Mic Stand and more!



Box Set (1997)

FullSizeRenderPrice: Priceless

Description: Includes Bugger Off, A Shandy Too Far, Oh George, Meteor, 200B, Personal Spaceman, Morning Bigboy, The Ponds Institute and more!