Episode 36: Perfectly Good Podcast – Swords and Sorcery Part 2

Perfectly Good Podcast Season 2Are you ready for MORE adventure? Well so are Tripod! Having had so much fun with Swords and Sorcery last episode, the gents are back again with Part 2 of their ongoing adventure. Will it be a trilogy? Who can say! All we know is that Poggo’s Theatre of the Mind is a lot of work for Poggo to SFX at the start (but sounds sooo great!)

Featuring live performances of “The Messenger’s Dream” and a new Aquaman lyric submission that draws its inspiration from a beloved podcast character.

Episode Notes:

00:00 – It’s More Poggo’s Theatre of the Mind! We continue the tale of a man, a woman and their mailman

16:30 – Commence the amazing conversation

 19:05 – Will we? Does this count?

21:45 – Pick up your own soundscape software from Syrinscape

23:30 – It’s Gamma World

33:20 – Live performance of The Messenger’s Dream from Live at Woodford – with epic intro

39:20 – Poggo attempts to describe a very visual thing with his words. He fails.

45:28 – Here’s that Youtube clip here

48:38 – It’s another Aquaman lyrics submission. FEATURING an amazing vocal solo from Poggo

52:07 – Commence the feedback

1:09:52 – Do YOU want to hear more Tripod DnD?

1:14:05 – Pizza ruined everything

1:15:17 – And that was Scod’s Scorner

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