Episode 75: Perfectly Good Podcast – Yet More Songs in 20 Minutes

pgp city of melb sliderIn Season 5 Episode 4 we continue our journey through the creative world of Song in 20 Minutes with last week’s winner “Pluto”, originally by Scod but with┬ámany elements added by Tripod. Enjoy the fruits of their labours!

We also see the return of fan favourite segment “Two Stories” (I can *assure* you it’s a fan favourite) where it is revealed that one of us has a corona virus, or does it? That’s what makes it Two Stories (that’s how the segment works yeah?) along with many other musings. A full episode as always.

Lastly we’d like to acknowledge the financial supporters of this show – the City of Melbourne and, of course, our wonderful Patreon subscribers. Without them both we would be a bunch poorer and a bunch sadder. Wow! What a note to end on. ­čÖé So let’s end on this note – we very much hope hat this episode brings you some joy and happiness to your day. We certainly enjoyed creating it for you.