Ep 8: Perfectly Good Podcast – Melbourne

PrintFinally, after what feels like months of not being in the same room, Tripod and Poggo are back in Melbourne for their 8th episode of amazing content. And what better way to celebrate such an occasion? A Melbourne-themed episode is what.

Hear Melbourne-based songs like Melbourne Girl, Santa Fe and The Blueprint along with an amazing new segment – “Gatesy’s Audio Corner”. The hottest tech-talk segment ever to be submitted to digital formats.

Episode Notes:

03:00 – It’s Gatesy’s Audio Corner with a BRAND NEW BUMPER.

27:00 – Where the riff to Melbourne Girl really came from…

28:30 – Live performance of Melbourne Girl from Pod August Nights

47:30 – Live performance of Santa Fe from Middleborough Road

54:04 – A quick Mailbag segment, well, one letter.

1:09:40 – Live performance of The Blueprint from Men of Substance


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Episode 7: Perfectly Good Podcast – Family

PrintIt’s yet another podcast recorded on the road, making it a hat-trick of occasions that Andrew has had to actually do some editing work. In this podcast Tripod and Andrew Pogson explore “Families”… for a few moments before they get back onto gently rambling stories that go nowhere and everywhere.

And where do Tripod find themselves this week? Why our Nation’s Capital of course – or as Andrew refers to it; “a perfectly lovely city that will forever be scarred blessed by Andrew’s sax playing”.

Featuring Family-type songs like I Hate Your Family, Ancestors and Lingering Dad along with Tripod Trivia and a NEW BUMPER.

Episode Notes:

30:09 – Live performance of I Hate Your Family from Open Slather Special Christmas Edition – now with bonus Easter themed lyrics!

44:40 – Tripod Trivia and a NEW BUMPER! Some explanation: Andrew made this bumper after they recorded the show, otherwise Tripod would have LOVED it.

50:30 – It’s the Lightning Round.

53:00 – Pause the Lightning Round for some story about beards.

55:23 – Lightning Round resumed

1:01:50 – Live performance of Ancestors, a cappella style.

1:20:26 – Live performance of Lingering Dad from Men of Substance

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Episode 6: Perfectly Good Podcast – Themes

PrintThemes. What are they, and where do they come from? Tune in to this episode to find out that the only theme this podcast has in common with Themes is the theme of talking a lot about all things that aren’t the theme.

So in some ways, aren’t Tripod holding true to the greatest theme of all?

And did we mention TRIPOD MAILBAG?! As Tripod and Andrew Pogson find themselves torn apart (geographically) for the second episode in a row, they decide to sooth their woes by reading out (and answering) questions from the listeners with varying degrees of success.

Featuring Theme-y songs like Main Theme From Tosswinkle The Pirate, Theme From M*A*S*H Guy and the theme from How To Train An Attack Dog From Scratch.

Episode Notes:iTunes Charts

07:06 – It’s Tripod Mailbag Time! Featuring one of the most professionally assembled bumpers in the history of podcasts.

25:39 – Live performance of Main Theme From Tosswinkle The Pirate

34:50 – Tripod Mailbag continues… it won’t stop.

42:38 – Live performance of Theme From M*A*S*H Guy from Songs from Self-Saucing

1:07:40 – *Gasp* Listeners compliment Andrew!

1:09:28 – Live performance of the theme from How To Train An Attack Dog From Scratch

1:24:24 – The proof is on the right! No photoshop!!


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Episode 5: Perfectly Good Podcast – Touring

PrintThis week Tripod find themselves in sunny Brisbane on tour, whilst Andrew is stuck in Melbourne like a criminal. All is not lost! Through the power of technology they are able to bust apart their geographical differences, and take the opportunity to talk about what it’s like to be on tour and being away from home.

Featuuring songs that are about being on the road, along with songs that were written during stints of intense boredom whilst on that very same road. We’re talking In The Countryside, Key Party and Gay Bar along with a rarely heard piece called The Rig.

Andrew also tests Tripod’s knowledge of things with a poorly planned trivia segment designed to combat Tripod’s minds from becoming tour-mush. He is unsuccessful.

Episode Notes:

10:52 – Live performance of “The Rig” from This Gaming Life

21:31 – Whoops… we’re professionals!

27:30 – Live performance of “Key Party” from How to Train an Attack Dog From Scratch

43:43 – Live performance of “In The Countryside” from Middleborough Road

49:14 – Trivia time!

53:09 – Lightning round!!

58:03 – Live performance of “Gay Bar” from Men of Substance

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Episode 4: Perfectly Good Podcast – Words

PrintAnother episode another theme. This week Tripod and their host Andrew Pogson talk about words…. with their words! It’s a theme that can be enjoyed on many layers… with their layers! Wait.

Featuring funny songs about those words, like Cuckold, Jeboticabal and Kempt. Plus Andrew makes an unfortunate mistake followed by a very classy apology, which was totally accepted by Yon because they are good friends.

Moving on.

Episode Notes:

20:01 – Live performance of Cuckold from Open Slather

41:20 – Get the book “101 Tripod Hits” here! It’s totally out and it’s glorious

43:00 Live performance of Jeboticabal from Perfectly Good Songs

1:03:09 Album version of Kempt from Fegh Maha

1:09:40 An apology

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Episode 3: Perfectly Good Podcast – Religion

Perfectly Good PodcastIn an attempt to put some regularity in their podcast release schedule, Tripod and Andrew Pogson have released yet another fresh episode of Perfectly Good Podcast at the same time as last time, a mere fortnight later. Let’s see if they can keep this punishing schedule moving forward.

And what does episode 3 have in store? Apart from being a hat-trick of releases, or a “hat-pod” if you will, the team explore the ever popular topic of Religion. It doesn’t get deep…

The boys perform podcast-live™ versions of I Had To Pay My Debt To The Devil, Someday The Lord and The Gods Are People Too. And how did we get onto this theme? Why one of our Twitter listeners requested a song of course (and you can too)! Just hit us up on Twitter or Facebook and make a suggestion.

Episode Notes:

12:10 – Live performance of “I Had To Play My Debt To The Devil” from How To Train An Attack Dog From Scratch

41:40 – Live performance of “Someday The Lord” from Fegh Maha

1:02:29 – Live performance of “The Gods Are People Too” from Tripod versus the Dragon

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As promised, here’s some footage of the Lady Robot 205501, (pron. zossol)

Episode 2: Perfectly Good Podcast

Perfectly Good Podcast


Having staved off cancellation from their Christmas debut, Tripod and Andrew Pogson are back with another episode of time-filling-Tripod-antics along with a NEW NAME! Yes, Twitter user @SirJoeFlex suggested “Perfectly Good Podcast” and it stuck. It stuck hard.

In this episode discover how Star Wars penetrates, surrounds and binds the group together – HINT, it’s not what you think! Hear RealMusic™ sung by Tripod, including live versions of “Bard”, “Adult Contemporary” and “Astronaut” along with the tales that spawned them.

Episode Notes:

05:48 – The Star Wars demo first submitted to Poggo for consideration for a new live show. Turns out LucasFilm had different ideas

16:17 – Live performance of “Bard” from Tripod versus the Dragon featuring Yon on Trumpet. Featuring is the term Yon is sticking to.

42:11 – Live performance of “Adult Contemporary” from Men of Substance

55:01 – Live performance of “Astronaut” from Middleborough Rd

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Episode 1: The Tripod Podcast – Xmas Debut!

You asked for it, and ten years later Tripod delivered. The first ever Tripod Podcast is here and just in time for Christmas! Join your host Andrew Pogson in celebrating all things Tripod, including live performances, stories that go nowhere and reminiscing about the good ol’ days. Hate the podcast’s name like we do? Great! Get in touch via Facebook or Twitter to make some suggestions.

Episode Notes:

24:43 – Live performance of “Santa’s Papers”

35:03 – Recording of “Trees”

51:48 – Live performance of “Christ is Born”

1:04:35 – Live performance of “The Only Shepherd”

Want the perfect gift for Christmas and left your shopping until now (really guy?) grab Tripod’s Christmas Album here on iTunes.