Episode 10: Stopy Starty

It’s a birthday celebration! Ten episodes means a ten year anniversary yeah? I’m sure that’s how it works…

Join Tripod and Poggo on another episode of stories, songs (that start and then stop) and listener questions that are sure to delve deep into the Tripod mythos. And the theme for this episode? Why it’s Tripod’s brand of starting a song and then stopping to argue that gets the focus this week (or “Starty Stopys”). Do they work without an audience? You be the judge.

Episode Notes:

00:00 – Hey, it’s a poorly planned party!

25:20 – Live performance of Ghost Ship from Fegh Maha

56:00 – Live performance of Maryanne from Fegh Maha

1:13:54 – It’s a brand new mail bag called CYBER BAG. The future is now (including a new bumper!)

1:40:00 – It’s Gatesy’s Audio Corner (sort of)**

**Geez – there was an unbelievable static buzz throughout this whole episode that took soooo long to take out. Please enjoy it static free now…

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