Episode 12: Yon

Spurred on by a deep deep jealously, the team decide that it’s time for Yon’s Solo Sesh™! This time we delve deep into the psyche of what makes Yon tick, only to discover that… well, how’s about you just tune in?

In this episode we cover songs like Hot Dog Man, Nothing To See Here and a song that Tripod wrote as part of Double J’s “Writer’s Room” called Broken Heart.

Episode Notes:

00:00 – Serious, we actually had dinner before we recorded the episode. Some elements of this bit *may* not have happened however.

12:37 – The world’s most jarring pivot – let’s talk food now

18:06 – Yon and Pog formally copyright “101 Bolognese Recipes”. Place your orders today!

28:24 – Recording of Hot Dog Man from Fegh Maha

41:41 – CONTROVERSY – Poggo has changed his mind. The piece is in E MAJOR (sorry Yon).

48:12 – An awesome new bumper, sent in by an equally awesome listener!

51:44 – It’s Yon’s new segment, titled “Yon’s Personal-Dirt Couch” (including Yon-made bumper)

1:14:02 – Recording of Nothing To See Here from For The Love Of God

1:21:53 – Recording of Broken Heart from Double J’s Writer’s Room

1:34:50 – There will be no Poggo Solo Sesh™

1:35:25 – Get your tickets to This Gaming Life here.

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