Episode 13: TGL

Strap yourselves in for one of our longest episodes yet! Wait wait… don’t leave right away, it’s for good reason. In this episode Tripod and Poggo find themselves in Adelaide preparing to perform “This Gaming Life” with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra AND are joined by very special guest Austin Wintory – composer of game scores like Journey, Banner Saga and Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. More people in the room than ever before? I’m sure it will be a tight show.

The team cover topics like video games they fell in love with as kids, go behind the scenes on how some of This Gaming Life was conceived and breakdown some of the murder ballads Tripod and Austin collaborated on for Assassin’s Creed.

Episode Notes:

07:44 – We chat about games that we first fell in love with, and games that made us realise that games were more than games

25:35 – Whoops! We’re joined by Scod’s delightful wife. She is much cooler than everyone and now we’re on our best behaviour

31:30 – Turns out Poggo and Austin are both correct – the Panama Canal didn’t exist until 1914, but many prospectors in the mid-1800s used this route during the California gold rush. Because the canal did not yet exist they sailed the Atlantic to Panama, crossed the isthmus either on foot, mules or boat, and then took another ship to California. Facts!

43:09 – Demo version of Does it Have Guns with synth orchestra

54:33 – Demo version of Three Seconds of Halo with synth orchestra

1:11:05 – It’s Drive King! See the music video right here!

1:18:08 – Album version of Underground from the Assassin’s Creed Syndicate album.

1:25:47 – Original demo of Underground that Austin sent Tripod

1:31:54 – Lyric inspiration from Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens

1:35:04 – Future Andrew has done it again. It’s time for “Tripod Teaches Austin to Australian”.

1:54:34 – Yes thanks Scod – if you made it this far THANK YOU!

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