Episode 14: Dragons

After what seems like months, the gang is finally back together in their natural habitat – sitting around a small table in a darkened room BUT in their home town of Melbourne AND at a normal time of the day. This week Tripod and Poggo decide to look a little closer into one of Tripod’s more recent theatrical shows, a show that potentially marked a turning point in their artistic direction; “Tripod versus the Dragon“.

Listen, won’t you, to tales of how the show was put together, who fought with who and just who came up with the amazing chore(ography). Featuring live performances of “Gelatinous Love” (not from the book – GASP!), “Don’t Feel Bad” (sans Elana Stone) and “I Will Still Play”.

Episode Notes:

00:00 – Everyone’s playing it! – except Tripod who had to poorly improvise this bit and guess the correct lingo

03:09 – Yon confesses a deadly sin and apologises… sort of

10:27 – Live performance of “Gelatinous Love”

17:28 – Here’s a Gelatinous Cube

29:50 – Live performance of “Don’t Feel Bad”

47:05 – And for your viewing pleasure, here is the DVD “special features” ripped to Youtube

49:23 – Yonny talks himself out of it

53:47 – Scott tunes a guitar, because he didn’t do it before hand

55:46 – Scott then attempts to tune his guitar again… *sigh*

57:12 – Live performance of “I Will Still Play”

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