Episode 15: Love

There’s been one thing missing from Perfectly Good Podcast for all these episodes, and that, friends, is LOVE. The Beatles once said it was all you needed but that doesn’t stop Yon from making sure that Poggo will never feel its sweet embrace EVER.

It’s a LOVEly episode featuring such LOVEly hits as “Love Song”, “Gonna Make You Happy Tonight” (in a brand new time signature) and “DILF”.

We also hit up the ever-popular Cyber-Bag™ and narrowly avoid a law suit. What more could one want out of LOVE?

Episode Notes:

00:00 – This is what every episode is like – Tripod talking shit before Poggo gives them a talking to before pressing record. AMAZING BEHIND THE SCENES INSIGHTS.

17:55 – It’s the Cyber-Bag! And it is introduced with a valid bumper.

34:30 – The graph we speak about is below – sent in by @SamStreetr!

41:40 – Live performance of Gonna Make You Happy Tonight from Songs From Self-Saucing featuring a brand new time signature and “groove”.

47:20 – A little disclaimer… in the form of a BUMPER

57:34 -Live performance of DILF from Men of Substance

1:11:20 – Gatesy has a brilliant idea.

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