Episode 17: Lady Robots Part 1

This week we venture deep into a classic Tripod show “Lady Robots”. But so thorough is our re-telling of the tale that we decide to present this in-depth discussion in two parts. HERE IS PART 1.

In this episode we hear live performances of “This Is My Last Transmission”, and in a uncharacteristic error, we hear a(nother) live version of “Someday The Lord” (first heard on this podcast back in Episode 3!). Sometimes a cappella can not be contained to one single performance… How good is Tripod’s a cappella this time? Only Poggo can lay down his righteous judgement.

And of course, this episode would not be complete without reviewing how our intrepid Merch Captain Gatesy is doing with the veritable landslide of merch orders he received since last episode. He was not in a good way when we found him…

Episode Notes:

00:00 – The orders never stopped, and neither did Gatesy’s mind as it slowly slid into Merch-Madness™

8:30 – There we are, it only took eight and a half minutes to get to the introduction of topic of the show. Tight!

13:21 – Yon’s stack hat has pride of place in the Tripod Clubhouse

15:52 – Haven’t been to PAX Aus? Check it out HERE!

17:40 – Bonus Song!

18:34 – Let’s start from the top with ACT 1, as retold by the lovely Yon.

19:41 – End of ACT 1, Begin ACT 2

20:33 – Live performance of This Is My Last Transmission

32:10 – Poggo sets a trap…

33:06 – Write in on Twitter or Facebook if you think that was even vaguely a harmonica.

34:38 – Live performance of Someday The Lord

38:04 – Apologies for redoing a tune we have heard before. Tripod will be disciplined later.

38:34 – It’s Andrew from the FUTURE, ready to be a jerk.

39:33 – OK ok… that was pretty darn good, especially given Yon had to pick those starting notes out of nowhere.

44:43 – Gatesy’s Merch Corner BUMPER. This time it’s short and to the point. We mark Gatesy on his progress.

52:27 – It’s a new stock BUMPER – T-SHIRTS! Check out Tripod’s merch store here:


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