Episode 18: Lady Robots Part 2

We’re back with Part 2 of “Lady Robots”!

In this episode Poggo gets a little Hollywood and recaps Part 1 with a stunning amount of copyright infringement before moving onto a new Cyber Bag™ with the usual mixed results. It’s at this point that we pick up where we left off – Tripod stuck in a jail (gaol?) cell on an alien planet. But what happens next??

We only feature one song this podcast; the delightful and heartfelt “We’ll Make It Work” with Yon, however there was so much “singing” during the Cyber Bag™ that we thought you’d probably heard enough by then…

Episode Notes:

00:00 – It’s a recap of Part 1, with all the Hollywood special effects that Poggo could steal muster.

05:15 – Probably the most undisciplined opening bumper we’ve ever endured.

07:06 – *Some* was public domain. Points for knowing where some of the music/sfx came from.

08:42 – It’s the Cyber Bag™!

18:51 – We embark on a dangerous (and painful) exercise where we find Yon, Gatesy and Scod’s vocal range. Poggo is arbiter. Let’s see who “wins” music.

26:13 – We resume “Lady Robots” with Part 2.

39:57 – Live performance of “We’ll Make It Work”.

59:45 – And we made it!

1:03:30 – Special announcement coming soon!

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