Episode 19: Technology

Technology. It’s everywhere. It’s in every part of our lives. You’re even reading this via the power of technology and you didn’t even realise it. That’s the power of technology.

In this episode we delve into the technical world of technology and hear complex narratives on the subject in song form via “The Wheel” and “Playing Online”. We also get a meaty Mailbag, some “live” bumpers and Poggo decides to give a poor arranging lesson, however being without his computer he uses the next best thing – Tripod.

Episode Notes:

00:00 – I really wish that these were made up bits, but we just press record and this happens EVERY TIME.

05:48 – It wouldn’t be an episode about technology without a Gatesy’s Audio Corner!

12:14 – Scod drops a bombshell

13:05 – Don’t be an idiot like Poggo, subscribe to Triple R HERE!

13:43 – Live performance of The Wheel from Live at Woodford

20:17 – It’s a new LIVE bumper, composed ON THE SPOT

26:12 – Problem solved.

28:40 – It’s an old school Mailbag

1:03:50 – Live performance of Playing Online from Pod August Night

1:06:02 – It’s a NEW BUMPER – Poggo Breaks It Down

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