Episode 20: Brevity

With so many rambling episodes that just go on and on, Tripod decide to mix it up by keeping this one to the length of the average commute. Why? Totally not because we ran out of time and needed to get to a sound check. We even managed to fit in three (short) songs – more bang for your minute!


No time to celebrate though…

Episode Notes:

00:00 – Scod actually brought his family to work. His daughter was super well behaved.

02:50 – It’s not Bury the Lede Poggo. Here’s what Bury the Lede is right here!

05:58 – Live performance of “If I Had A Tattoo” from Middleborough Rd

12:19 – It’s a quick “Gatesy’s Merch Corner”

21:20 – Live performance of “That’s Why I’m Sending You” from Middleborough Rd

27:22 – YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!~!!!~!~#

28:10 – Live performance of “Fear of Shorts” from Pod August Night

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