Episode 21: Sex


In this episode we delve under the covers and touch on the topic of sex. Sexy sex. Everyone’s doing it. Or are they?

Please note this episode is Not Safe For Work (NSFW), or is it? You could always roll the dice and play it on speakers anyway and see how you go?**

We also sing songs! Hear live versions of Hey Ho, No Daughter of Mine and Ugly Men. All of them totally on topic.

Episode Notes:

11:25 – Live performance of Hey Ho from “Anon. c. 1650”. NOT written by Tripod.

28:40 – It’s FUTURE ANDREW. Hi Future Andrew.

32:48 – It’s a new segment. And a new segment needs a fresh new BUMPER.

40:15 – And now it’s a competing bumper. I like the first one better.

42:18 – False start No. 1

42:58 – Ewwwww. False start No. 2

43:25 – Finally! Live performance of No Daughter of Mine from Songs From Self-Saucing

48:51 – It’s Yon’s Personal Dirt Couch

1:02:44 – It’s Gatesy’s Merch Corner

1:07:58 – Here’s the video they were talking about HERE!

1:08:20 – Live performance of Ugly Men from Fegh Maha

1:16:32 – Show dates HERE!

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**Tripod accept zero liability for anyone who loses their job due to this podcast.