Episode 22: Parties

Here’s a question: If there are so many parties going on then why are we never at one? In this week’s episode we explore this very question AND MORE. Poggo tells a sad party story, Tripod sing songs about things and Scod confesses his sins to Father Yon.

Featuring party-loving songs like “Thursday”, “Trying to Impress the Bargirl” and “A Shandy Too Far” along with a new bumper and a new fresh take on what it means to party.

Episode Notes:

00:00 – Yay PAX AUS! If you’ve never been, you should! Check it out HERE!

23:06 – Live performance of Thursday from Men of Substance

34:01 – YESSSSSSsssss! Poggo wins the Battle of the Feet.

41:06 – Live performance of Trying to Impress the Bargirl from Middleborough Rd

1:00:57 – It’s Absolut-Yon and a NEW BUMPER!

1:15:26 – Live performance of A Shandy Too Far from Box Set

1:25:46 – Check out Tripod’s upcoming shows right here!

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