Episode 23: Songs Cut

Here at Perfectly Good Podcast we hate leaving people out, and if songs were people that’s exactly what happened. Well over 200 people were left out in fact, so this episode we go about shining a light on some of those… people… OK this analogy is falling over now.

We’re doing two songs that aren’t in the book OK?!

But in a shocking twist we also get off track and attempt to find Scod a new segment that he can call his own. Were we successful? You decide…

Episode Notes:

20:06 – It’s Social Norm, back with a NEW BUMPER

26:40 – It’s Scod’s fabled new segment Scod’s Scorner with a NEW BUMPER made by Future Andrew and Future Scod.

38:46 – What’s this? A professional-sounding outro as well?? Yikes!

42:52 – Live performance of “Boobs” from Middleborough Rd with Poggo joining in on his podcast debut!

46:25 – Write in to @tripodactual (on Twitter) or Tripod (on Facebook) if you want to hear a second episode about Sex….  I didn’t think so.

47:36 – It’s Future Mailbag time!

1:18:35 – Live performance of “Blow This Town” from Tripod versus the Dragon

1:27:24 – Scod Edgar presents Yon: Futurist

1:40:37 – And a new outro for Yon: Futurist (presented by Scod)

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