Episode 24: LIVE

It’s finally here, the episode we have all been waiting for: Tripod and Poggo LIVE at The Wheeler Centre in Melbourne. To say that this episode is jam-packed would be an understatement.

Featuring bumpers, bumpers and MORE bumpers, LIVE versions of Cyber Bag and Absolut-Yon and a brand new surprise segment that Tripod didn’t even see coming. Oh and we finally remember to sing a song or two… because, you know… Tripod.

Episode Notes:

00:20 – Poggo attempts to dress-down the audience like he does to Tripod before every episode. He receives silence and angry looks.

01:22 – A poorly planned opening skit. But we talk merch!

03:04 – It’s an impromptu Merch Corner! Everything must go!

05:10 – Turns out about half the room had never heard this podcast before. I have no idea what on earth they were thinking the whole time.

08:20 – It’s Gatesy’s Audio Corner – Poggo’s wife was in the crowd and hated every minute

13:38 – It’s the Future Mailbag 3.0 with NEW BUMPER along with a LIVE question from a listener

21:30 – It’s Scod: Scorner!

28:30 – We get to hear Scod and the guys Freestyle Rap… Fo’ Real Yo.

35:52 – And the Outro Bumper for Scod: Scorner. Very classy.

39:28 – Poggo stitches Yon up and then a NEW BUMPER AND SEGMENT

41:10 – Check out Syrinscape one of the coolest apps for adding atmosphere to your board gaming sessions. Poggo recommends it!

42:40 – The Theatre of the Mind Begins!

50:14 – Live performance of I Had To Pay My Debt To The Devil

1:00:06 – Live performance of Key Party

1:04:04 – Is it The End?

1:04:42 – It’s Absolut-Yon time with a LIVE question from a listener

1:11:20 – Poggo gets crushed and cracks it

1:12:45 – Check out Tripod’s Melbourne Christmas Show HERE!

1:14:40 – Poggo was conducting the audience applause like a real wanker

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