Episode 25: Christmas

It’s our final episode of the year, and what better way to celebrate than to come “full circle” and finish on the topic that we started on – Christmas!

But no Christmas party would be complete without special guests, and this episode has at least one of them. But who?

Featuring live performances of Billy Bragg, The Little Drummer Boy and O Holy Night, this episode promises all sorts of holiday fun a frivolity.

Episode Notes:

03:00 – It’s our special guest Paul McDermott!

25:20 – Live performance of If Billy Bragg from For the Love of God

29:14 – Something happens. We don’t need to discuss it further…

30:40 – An apology

37:07 – It’s a Christmas Future Mailbag

1:04:50 – Live performance of The Little Drummer Boy

1:13:35 – It’s Scod Scorner(?)

1:15:35 – Well that back fired

1:17:22 – It’s Absolut-YON

1:32:02 – Live performance of O Holy Night

1:40:00 – Will we be back in season 2? (yes)

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