Episode 27: Heroes

In this episode the gang delve into the exciting topic of Heroes – who are they, what do they do, how many times can we say “Hero” to seem on topic, that sort of thing. And what better heroes exist in the Tripod œuvre than the “Ballad of Ronnie” and “Aquaman” – we hear their exploits put to song and then… sung…. live.

We also get a new Season 2 BUMPER for the new Season 2 MAILBAG. Did Poggo nail it?


Yes he did.

Episode Notes:

00:00 – We open with a Theatre of the Mind!

03.00 – We’re giving theme points now, so we know who “wins” the podcast… you know, apart from the listener.

20:45 – Live performance of “Ballad of Ronnie” from How to Train an Attack Dog From Scratch

24:22 – Let’s check out ’em sweet backing vocals

32:23 – We talk about our personal heroes

43:45 – Live performance of “Aquaman” from Perfectly Good Songs

48:19: Yon sets Poggo some homework

51:00 – Let the competition for Tripod backing supremacy begin!

1:06:29 – It’s Mailbag with a NEW BUMPER

1:21:30 – Write in and give us your ideas (for free)


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