Episode 29: Nostalgia

Tripod like to remember things. They like to remember when times were simpler. They like to remember when they were younger, hungrier and harder working. So why not spend an entire episode reminiscing about the good ol’ days?

In this episode Tripod and Poggo are getting a little nostalgic with live performances of songs like “Squares on a Screen”, “Waiting for the Game to Load” and “Goodbye Little Alarm Clock”.

Episode Notes:

00:00 – The sound is supposed to be Bacta Tanks OK?

04:40 – Check out Poggo’s other podcast Art of the Score

06:30 – Tripod remember the kid next door

14:50 – It’s the return of Yon’s Dirt Couch

19:00 – And that brings us to the end of the new segment “Yonny Is One Step Ahead”

23:00 – Performance of Squares on a Screen from This Gaming Life

30:15 – It’s Gatesy’s Video Corner(?)

38:54 – Live performance of Waiting for the Game to Load from Men of Substance

57:30 – The guys talk nicknames (both online and off)

1:07:02 – Performance of Goodbye Little Alarm Clock from About an Hour of Song-In-An-Hour

1:24:30 – Poggo tries to play them off…. Yonny doesn’t even skip a beat.

1:25:50 – OMG it’s the end. Finally.

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