Episode 30: Freaky Love

No body asked for it, but we’re giving it to you anyway – it’s *another* episode about love/sex. This time the “freaky” kind – Poggo apologises profusely.

What an exciting thought: hearing about freaky love stories from a bunch of middle aged men. We also manage to play some songs! Featuring live performances of “Is it OK if I Stalk You?”, “Hot Girl in the Comic Shop” and “Rock Eisteddfod”. We also pack in a bunch of segments and discover how deep into the Inception of segments we can delve.

Episode Notes:

00:00 – An unsettling discovery

04:10 – We need to sort out the episode numbering system. Write in if you care!

07:52 – Live performance of Is it OK if I Stalk You? from Open Slather

11:12 – Poggo apologises, but due to his masterful mastering skills it didn’t come out so bad

18:08 – It’s Poggin Hood Mailbag!

21:20 – It’s a segment within a segment: It’s Social Norm!

29:25 – We’re going to ANOTHER LEVEL: It’s Scod Scorner within Social WITHIN Mailbag

31:17 – Future Poggo was super annoyed to discover that past Poggo made this offer

35:08 – Let’s reverse out of this mess…

36:28 – Live performance of Hot Girl in the Comic Shop from Live at Woodford

57:03 – It’s time for Absolut-Yon

1:03:03 – Poggo asks for forgiveness

1:12:33 – Live performance of Rock Eisteddfod from Fegh Maha

1:12:40 – Poggo ain’t putting up with that crap

1:13:18 – A fresh start…

1:21:15 – It’s a new segment: “Tripod’s Age Old Arguments” plus a NEW BUMPER

1:29:00 – We realise it was the wrong theme. We have wasted everyone’s time.

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