Episode 33: Love Want

In Episode 33 Poggo attempts to seek redemption from the Old Tripod Gods for the crimes of last episode by asking for forgiveness and then promptly moving on to the much more focussed topic of “Love Want”. Does that make sense to you? No?

The road to redemption is often confusing…

Featuring live performances of “Enid” and “All I Want” AND a new submission for lyrics to Aquaman – It has Yon and Poggo all in a lather. Join us won’t you?

Episode Notes:

00:00 – Poggo appears before the Tripod Gods

04:05 – Anyone know where the “cloud” sfx come from? Write in!

06:25 – A terrible topic name…

09:35 – Yon gets a theme point for an onion bagel. It’s not a perfect system.

13:10 – It’s Poggin Hood Mailbag!

14:10 – Poggo bigs up his wife.

14:20 – Scod: Scorner?

14:40 – Social Norm?

18:37 – And…. finally back to Mailbag

33:30 – Live performance of Enid from Tripod Tells The Tale of The Adventures of Tosswinkle the Pirate (Not Very Well)

40:40 – Poggo puts Tripod through their paces

51:00 – A new submission for Aquaman – this time with “The Tally Hoes” as its inspiration. Poggo has his singing debut.

1:08:10 – Live performance of All I Want from This Gaming Life. Poggo has his guitar debut.

1:13:55 – Tripod are coming to Hobart for a live performance of This Gaming Life with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra!

1:19:38 – An update on Gatesy’s Merch Corner. Has he improved?

1:21:45 – It’s FUTURE ANDREW with a Yon Futurist

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