Episode 35: Swords and Sorcery Part 1

Are you ready for adventure? Tripod are! This episode we discuss “Swords and Sorcery” and all of the nerdy things that those two things involve. But, dear listener, we can’t contain such a vast topic to just one part – oh no – this is just Part 1 of an ongoing saga. Perhaps there will be a trilogy? How very “Fantasy”!

Featuring live performances of “Visor King” and a new Aquaman lyric submission. Fun!

Episode Notes:

00:00 – It’s the return of THEATRE OF THE MIND. Should we keep this stuff up? Write in!

15:40 – Commence the nerdy fantasy talk

37:35 – One of the greatest movie theme songs of all time

38:15 – Tripod break into song – ALONG WITH A NEW BUMPER! (Thanks Jenny)

40:00 – Let’s discuss Patreon…

45:30 – It’s a Gatesy’s Merch Corner UPDATE

51:35 – Live performance of Visor King from Perfectly Good Songs

1:04:40 – It’s Poggin Hood Mailbag

1:15:20 – Another Aquaman lyrics submission – this time from Israel!

1:26:50 – It’s true! It’s ALL TRUE :)!!

1:30:25 – It’s a Tally Hoes UPDATE

1:32:38 – Tripod break into song AGAIN

1:38:20 – The guys talk about VR, for a long time

1:42:18 – It’s the Old Days Bumper(?)

1:50:30 – And that’s the end of Scod’s Scorner

1:57:30 – Whoa… what a long episode (Poggo didn’t have time to cut this thing down)

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