Episode 37.5: Gatesy and Pog

Due to a scheduling error, we have not been as successful as we could have been in recording a new episode. I guess what we’re saying is that we literally didn’t get an episode done. But here is a new episode?! Don’t get your hopes up!

In this semi-episode we get Gatesy and Pog, just like the old days of the Solo Seshes, talking at your ear holes.

Episode Notes:

00:00 – It’s a make shift Odd Couple. Easier to gain the rights!

01:10 – This episode is brought to you by This Gaming Life at the TSO. Get your tickets here.

03:38 – Ben Northey is the best. You can follow him on Twitter here

04:40 – We discuss the best saxophone. Poggo has opinions

11:53 – It’s Gatesy’s Merch Corner! And we have a surprise over at bandcamp

15:30 – It’s a special new corner…

25:10 – Gatesy discovers some super exclusive merch

29:23 – And we’re out. See you (properly) next time!