Episode 37: Body Image

Tripod are not vein men, but when they look in a mirror or catch a sideways glance of their reflection in the shop windows on Swanston St they see nothing but shame. But shame on them(!) for today we discuss the touchy topic of Body Image. We also continue our epic adventure through Flanghorn Village with Poggo’s Theatre of the Mind.

To help us on our journey we hear live performances of Stuntman and Tall Man. That’s a whole lotta man…

Episode Notes:

00:00 – It’s the continuation of Poggo’s Theatre of the Mind. This time we add our theme into the story

13:15 – You didn’t read the theme did you?

15:00 – The theme is revealed – commence the theme talk

39:00 – Live performance of Stuntman from Fegh Maha

44:43 – It’s Poggin Hood Mailbag!

45:43 – Here’s who Korngold is HERE

57:00 – Who wants to hear a Perfect Tripod episode?!

1:01:00 – Grab your tickets to This Gaming Life in Tassie HERE

1:02:06 – Grab your merch with Gatesy on Bandcamp!

1:05:25 – Live performance of Tall Man from Songs from Self Saucing

1:14:50 – Is this Social Norm?

1:23:45 – Mental Health is important! There are many places to find help, but a great place to start is Beyond Blue

1:28:20 – Let’s begin the world’s grossest story

1:32:12 – Tripod Spontaneously Break Into Song

1:33:10 – Don’t tweet your questions about our bodies…

1:33:50 – Shit! We didn’t get to Doctor Who. Dammit.

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