Episode 38: Swords and Sorcery Part 3

It’s our 3rd part of “Swords and Sorcery”! Why? Because we still have more songs to sing on the subject. The rest of the episode *also* contains things of note like another Aquaman lyric submission that promises to deliver on the original promise of a serious song to the glorious melody.

Does anyone still like Poggo’s Theatre of the Mind? Because we still have that happening… 3 seconds of plot at a time.

Episode notes:

00:00 – Another 3 seconds of the plot advances… over the course of 15mins

17:35 – Commence the wood talk

18:27 – Let’s keep talking about timber

20:10 – And at the 20minute mark we finally acknowledge Gatesy. Welcome Gatesy

25:13 – The theme of timber continues with Gatesy

26:00 – Gatesy takes us back

29:10 – It’s another episode of Poggin Hood’s Mailbag! We talk the DC Universe and Wonder Woman

50:54 – We move onto the afore mentioned Aquaman lyric submission by one of our dear listeners

55:14 – Scod agrees with Poggo’s sense of taste. News!

58:20 – Tripod break into song, and it’s fucken beautiful

1:00:30 – Who’s an expert at American accents?

1:07:17 – Live performance of “Overture” (Dawn of Time) from Tripod versus the Dragon

Here’s the actual scene from the show:

1:15:30 – We see out the episode discussing scoring films/theatre

1:31:28 – Tripod are appearing in Hobart with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. Tickets on sale now!

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