Episode 39: Cheap Laughs

Are cheap laughs really that cheap? Well sure, they’re free, but are they really? (Yes). In this episode we explore the world of cheap laughs… or do we?

Featuring live performances of Carolina Street Stomp and ANOTHER Aquaman submission.

Episode Notes:

00:00 – It’s another Poggo’s Theatre of the Mind. This episode we continue our adventure for another few seconds…

22:20 – Gatesy has an amazing skill

32:00 – Live performance of Carolina Street Stomp from How To Train An Attack Dog From Scratch

36:43 – The lads talk the ARIAs

40:40 – It’s Poggin Hood’s Mailbag!

41:48 – It’s Seja Vogel from Hear Sej!

47:00 – Commence the Terminator talk. Gatesy has lost his mind.

48:30 – Rule and Make have announced a Terminator game. Check it out

1:02:40 – Live performance of Lingering Dad from Men of Substance

1:05:00 – And related to Lingering Dad is another Aquaman submission

1:17:30 – It’s a Tally Hoes update. We have great things to tell you.

1:25:15 – Tripod try and sell you a game/experience

1:40:00 – Poggo makes a BIG mistake.

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