Episode 40: The Road

In this episode Tripod and Poggo find themselves on the road (but only after a flight to Hobart). We’re recording live from the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra right before This Gaming Life and we’re joined by an exciting guest.

Learn what happens 1 hour before a show and enjoy an inside look into the debauched life of a musician on the road. Featuring live performances of The Rig and That’s Why I’m Sending You.

Episode Notes:

00:00 – Apologies for the dramatic change in audio quality. We’re on the road! And we embraced to busking lifestyle.

02:15 – We’re joined by the super awesome Ben Northey (on the Twitter)

03:40 – Ben learns the hard way

04:42 – It’s an “on the road” Gatesy’s Audio Corner

18:25 – It’s Tripod’s first ever original song!

21:15 – Live performance of The Rig from This Gaming Life

24:45 – Ben takes Tripod to school with glorious results

44:50 – Live performance of That’s Why I’m Sending You from Middleborough Road

51:20 – Poggo talks vox pops

53:53 – We find out some HOT TIPS for travelling on the road

57:58 – We discover who in the room has a history of casual racism and needs some AbsolutYON

1:03:04 – It’s the end of This Gaming Life with Ben and the TSO and Poggo is out in the foyer for some audience reactions…

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