Episode 41: Capitalism

Tripod and Poggo tackle the one topic they are most passionate about: Capitalism! They love money so much that there is not a single moment of their day that is not costing them money. It’s really wonderful.

In this episode we hear a live performance of IKEA and a new Aquaman (to the tune of Aquaman, written by Aquaman – you’ll get it when you listen to it) along with an amazing narrated email at the top of the show! Good cost-effective times…

Episode Notes:

00:00 – It’s Poggin Hood Mailbag(?)

21:50 – The topic of this podcast is Life and Living 2?

22:04 – Well done Rodg-o!

24:30 – …and we begin the episode…

26:00 – We explore the case of “Gatesy the sexist”

27:44 – Case closed

30:45 – And we finally get to the theme. Only took 30 minutes. Winner.

31:07 – Yon tells a tooth story

34:30 – Gatesy tells an ear story

35:43 – Yon also tells an ear story

36:50 – Poggo tells an eye story

37:24 – Scod hijacks Poggo’s eye story

38:47 – Poggo resumes his eye story

40:37 – Gatesy is not a racist

43:10 – Scod tells a nose story – no shit this episode is about Capitalism.

46:00 – Live performance of IKEA from Open Slather

52:12 – Scod is terrible at math

56:20 – It’s another Aquaman submission

1:06:10 – The end?

1:08:30 – The end!

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