Episode 43: Song in an Hour LIVE

In Episode 43 we finally make good on a threat from long ago; to record, live, a Song in an Hour… LIVE. Our fine listeners have sent in their topics and Tripod are ready to have their process laid bare for all to scrutinise.

Enjoy won’t you?

Episode Notes:

00:00 – A cold open, sort of

03:39 – We’re going to start this properly

10:18 – Tripod have their yearly Christmas shows in Melbourne AGAIN. Book here

22:30 – Let’s hear the topics!

26:06 – …and now the final result

31:00 – Now let’s head back in time and hear/see the sausage being made

39:06 – Future Poggo arrives

1:37:40 – Time to talk about the results – a post mortem

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