Episode 44: Creative Types

In the penultimate episode of Season 2, Tripod and Poggo talk about Creative Types whilst attempting to keep all songs until the very end of the episode.

But, there has been an “Awakening”… Have you felt it? (Poggo has brought his Blaxophone along). Featuring live performances of The Play is Shit, The Gods Are People Too and a new Aquaman. I am excite!

Episode Notes:

00:00 – What an amazing cold open. Very meta

3:58 – Let’s start this thing

15:05 – It’s the return of Scod Scorner

18:30 – And now we go down a level to Social Norm

24:00 – And we head down once more with Yon Futurist

24:20 – That was quick. We head back up

25:25 – Yon is in a good mood

28:00 – Absolu-Scod?!

53:09 – And we’re finally out of all segments!

54:40 – Live performance of The Play is Shit

58:40 – A sick burn from Poggo

1:08:44 – A new Aquaman submission WITH BLAXOPHONE SOLO

1:12:23 – Time to break this down

1:25:44 – Live performance of The Gods Are People Too

1:30:00 – And we’re out – short and sweet

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