Episode 48: Defunct

What do we call things that are old and out-of-date/fashion? Don’t know? Well let’s let the marvellous men of Tripod (and the always-in-fashion Poggo) learn us about the wonderful world of defunct….things. Succinct!

Featuring a live performance of “Snapshots” from Middleborough Rd and all the talk you can handle.

Episode Notes:

00:00 – Poggo comes to work and discovers…something smelly.

03:00 – Poggo loses his way

04:10 – It’s our first Gentlemen’s Intermission

05:55 – And everything is back in place

07:20 – It’s our second Gentlemen’s Intermission

10:10 – We’re appearing live with THIS PODCAST – tickets are here

13:30 – Well, do you want it?

20:00 – A fan favourite – POGGIN HOOD MAILBAG

…. and more mailbag

1:08:30 – That sweet sweet ding

1:08:40 – Live performance of Snapshots from Middleborough Rd

1:13:25 – Tripod try to remember old songs

1:31:16 – We discuss Yon’s difficult relationship with Poker

1:32:09 – Our third Gentlemen’s Intermission… with disastrous results

1:43:28 – A cheap offer is made

1:44:34 – Poggo lays down some maths on the fly. Blink and you’ll miss it

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