Episode 49B: Eagles?

In probably one of the most shocking twists in Perfectly Good Podcast History, we discover that there is a lost episode, somewhere in the ether. That episode, known as “Episode 4A”, is perhaps lost to time. But here we are with a superior episode friends(!)… but this time without Yon. Does he have something to do with it? Tune in and find out.


Featuring a bizarre theme as chosen by Gatesy, on the topic of Eagles? Anyways, we sing “Heartache Tonight” by The Eagles… Oh, i get it. Also there is Blax-o-phone.

Episode Notes:

00:00 – Tripod hold auditions for the part of “Yon”

04:03 – Bonus points for guessing this sax classic

04:34 – Poggo drops a bombshell, that is lessened if you read the beginning of this post

17:55 – It’s another episode of “I Like Humans, People Shit Me” with Gatesy

27:20 – Gatesy calls a Gentlemen’s Intermission – Poggo feels lonely

35:50 – Poggo proves his worth by performing a flawless “21st Century Man”, with a false start

1:00:45 – Poggo’s score goes UP

1:05:40 – Poggo explains the rules of a Sax Off

1:10:35 – We’re giving away Episode 4A via Patreon!

1:11:35 – Live performance of Heartache Tonight by the Eagles

1:16:20 – Gatesy knows more Eagle themed songs

1:17:41 – Gatesy knows even more Eagle themed songs

1:22:02 – The Gents improvise a song about an eagle… from a certain point of view

1:26:25 – The first ever Gentlemen’s Intermission in the middle of a guitar solo. FIRST!

1:28:45 – We play you out via the power of Bossa Nova

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