Episode 5: Touring

This week Tripod find themselves in sunny Brisbane on tour, whilst Andrew is stuck in Melbourne like a criminal. All is not lost! Through the power of technology they are able to bust apart their geographical differences, and take the opportunity to talk about what it’s like to be on tour and being away from home.

Featuring songs that are about being on the road, along with songs that were written during stints of intense boredom whilst on that very same road. We’re talking In The Countryside, Key Party and Gay Bar along with a rarely heard piece called The Rig.

Andrew also tests Tripod’s knowledge of things with a poorly planned trivia segment designed to combat Tripod’s minds from becoming tour-mush. He is unsuccessful.

Episode Notes:

10:52 – Live performance of “The Rig” from This Gaming Life

21:31 – Whoops… we’re professionals!

27:30 – Live performance of “Key Party” from How to Train an Attack Dog From Scratch

43:43 – Live performance of “In The Countryside” from Middleborough Road

49:14 – Trivia time!

53:09 – Lightning round!!

58:03 – Live performance of “Gay Bar” from Men of Substance

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