Episode 52: Cars

In Episode 7 of the 3rd Season we decide to discuss something which all of us are heavily unqualified to talk about: Cars. Why? Because we wanted to sing a song by The Cars called Drive. Also it gave us a chance to sing Drive King… OK? Sometimes that’s all it takes to put together a theme. A THEME ABOUT CARS.

Featuring live performances of the aforementioned songs about cars along with a 21st Century Man and much more. Enjoy!

Episode Notes:

00:00 – We’ve been starting a bunch of these episodes out on the street recently. Weird…

01:35 – Live performance of “Drive King” from This Gaming Life = Blaxophone solo

07:10 – We get to our theme of “Cars”

21:15 – It’s Yon: Emergences… for only a minute

24:26 – Let’s try 21st Century Man – that’s better

49:30 – Live performance of “Drive” by The Cars

1:06:00 – One more question!


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