Episode 53: Cool

In Season 3 Episode 8 we explore what makes a human cool. And who better to adjudicate on such things than the Perfectly Cool™ hosts of Perfectly Good Podcast™©®? Come and learn some things with us!

Featuring live performances of I Always Get Into Stuff and Air Guitar, along with the required Baxophone solo. So COOL!

Episode Notes:

00:00 – It’s West Side Story’s “Cool”. We nail it

06:17 – Let’s discuss Tripod being in the business of cool for 22 years

15:15 – Poggo tries to remember what Bert said

22:30 – Poggo gives away his secrets

25:30 – We discuss the world of mentoring

31:30 – We talk about the cool world of instrumental “scooping”. Cool huh?

33:45 – Let’s learn how to practise bending a note

36:20 – Live performance of Air Guitar from The Sideshow

41:55 – Singing in Aussie accents is cool

42:17 – We don’t cut it out. Everyone loses

42:45 – Actually we have a Gentlemen’s Intermission for that nonsense

49:47 – It’s Scod: (Net)Flix Licker

1:07:45 – Live performance of I Always Get Into Stuff from Middleborough Rd

1:13:00 – We thank our Patreon Supporters IN SONG form

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