Episode 56: Variety Shows Part 1

We’re Back! In Season 3 Episode 11 we check out where it all started, a little variety TV show called Hey Hey It’s Saturday. But, of course, our chats venture onto all sorts of topics – one could say a “variety” of topics. Variety.

Nailed it.

Featuring a live performance of “Oasnis Yeah” and plenty of other segments and banter. Join us won’t you?

Episode Notes:

00:00 – Another Tripod pitch at Poggo’s offices downtown

10:15 – It’s Yon(s) Emergences?

17:27 – Let’s incept down a level to Social Norm

22:30 – And we incept back out into Yon(s) Emergences

25:45 – An outro, of sorts

29:50 – Poggo was alive before CDs

31:25 – We ask what “young people” should learn as an important life skill

32:35 – Yon explains what tax is

40:45 – It’s Star Wars Watch – a totally new segment that is desperately needed in today’s podcast world

57:30 – Live performance of “Oasnis Yeah” from.. the telly? We then finish out the episode discussing the experience.

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