Episode 59: Old School

In this week in Tripod… wait! that was last episode. In this episode of Perfectly Good Podcast we take things back…WAY BACK. All the way back to school. Which school? The old one.

It’s an Old School Tripod episode!

We feature piles of gross banter, so you’ve been warned. Seriously. GROSS. We also have a new segment called “Two Stories” and we also sing “Mucus” and “Second Drawer Down”, so we sort of stay on topic. You know, like any other episode?!

Episode Notes:

00:00 – We recreate a scene from Tripod past at the Prince Patrick. Poggo is “Chris”. Tripod are Tripod (but younger)

09:45 – We haven’t done a Patreon name read in a while. But wait for it!

11:00 – It’s a new segment/game called “Two Stories”. Play along at home!

13:00 – We begin Two Stories with Scod Edgar

**Now from here things get grosser and grosser. Terrible**

20:30 – Then we hear about Yon’s gross problems. Seriously, fast forward through this

33:50 – Tripod break into song

34:50 – Back to Yon’s arse

41:00 – Live performance of Mucus from Open Slather

47:10 – Poggo tries to improve Mucus. He fails

1:02:45 – Now it’s Poggo’s turn at Two Stories

1:11:00 – We get into a little pool talk. POOL TALK? Why? Listen and hear

1:20:00 – Live performance of Second Drawer Down from Open Slather

1:42:00 – We read (and sing) out the names of our Patreon supporters!

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