Episode 6: Themes

Themes. What are they, and where do they come from? Tune in to this episode to find out that the only theme this podcast has in common with Themes is the theme of talking a lot about all things that aren’t the theme.

So in some ways, aren’t Tripod holding true to the greatest theme of all?

And did we mention TRIPOD MAILBAG?! As Tripod and Andrew Pogson find themselves torn apart (geographically) for the second episode in a row, they decide to sooth their woes by reading out (and answering) questions from the listeners with varying degrees of success.

Featuring Theme-y songs like Main Theme From Tosswinkle The Pirate, Theme From M*A*S*H Guy and the theme from How To Train An Attack Dog From Scratch.

Episode Notes:

07:06 – It’s Tripod Mailbag Time! Featuring one of the most professionally assembled bumpers in the history of podcasts.

25:39 – Live performance of Main Theme From Tosswinkle The Pirate

34:50 – Tripod Mailbag continues… it won’t stop.

42:38 – Live performance of Theme From M*A*S*H Guy from Songs from Self-Saucing

1:07:40 – *Gasp* Listeners compliment Andrew!

1:09:28 – Live performance of the theme from How To Train An Attack Dog From Scratch

1:24:24 – The proof is on the right! No photoshop!!

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