Episode 61: Season 4

And we’re back! Welcome to another season of Perfectly Good Podcast. Who would have thought we would have made it to our 4th year? Not me! (Poggo).

In this season we’re going to tighten things up just a smidge, but there will still be all the things you love – bumpers mostly. Also Tripod. And this season has an overarching theme: that of “B-Sides and Oddities”. We’re going to find all of the rarely heard Tripod songs and force them to learn it all over again. Fun!

It’s good to be back… 🙂

Episode Notes:

00:00 – Poggo hacks his way through the SFX on the cold open.

05:30 – We continue to run a tight ship

08:25 – And welcome to our Patreon listeners! Join Patreon now

11:30 – It’s Castin’ Around!

13:30 – Poggo messes up in a BIG way

25:20 – Gatesy’s Side Hustles in on now

39:25 – Live performance of “The Shit On Our Head” from The Writers Room – Double J

46:55 – We break it down with some live examples

56:00 – We’re not over our hour quota Gatesy

56:10 – Get in touch fans! We love to hear from you

58:20 – There is no fight over The Princess Bride

…and we’re out!

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