Episode 63: Change, Wisdom and Growth

In Season 4, episode 3 we look at three topics (in one): Change, Wisdom and Growth. But! What has changed, who has wisdom and what has grown? Tune in to find out? Featuring a live performance of yet more “B-Sides and Rarities” as is the MASTER TOPIC of Season 4…

Episode Notes:

00:00 – Sound design is back… and Future Andrew is not happy about it

09:53 – It’s Gatesy’s Audio Corner because Poggo has a surprise

15:42 – We move straight into I Like Humans, People Are Shit

17:53 – We finally talk about the topic

30:10 – Live performance of “Not All of Queen Were Gay”

34:50 – Let’s work out if this song sucks

42:20 – Another rarely heard song from the back catalogue… “You Gotta Have Nuts”

53:45 – It’s 21st Century Man with Yon

1:01:43 – We endure a much loved Bumper for our Patreon fans

…and that brings us to the end of things…

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