Episode 65: Teeth

In Season 4 Episode 5 we chance upon a chance topic – there’s no other way to say it. Gatesy arrived, fresh from the dentist, and at that moment we knew there was only going to be one thing we were going to talk about…


Featuring a live performance of the Queen classic “I Want To Break Free” along with the usual stories and antics.

Episode Notes:

00:00 – We join our friends in a dank place…

04:55 – Let’s hear about Gatesy’s teeth… the first of many

12:45 – It’s time for Castin’ Around

23:45 – We move onto Poggin Hood Mailbag – BUT we also have a new email address to make sure your questions get to said Poggin Hood: pogginhood@gmail.com

26:51 – An impromptu performance of “Ivory Tower” – BONUS!

28:43 – We take the temperature of the audience.

40:18 – …and we’re back to Mailbag

53:50 – Live performance of I Want To Break Free by Queen

58:20 – And, for some reason, we’re back into Mailbag

1:14:00 – Tripod demo how they (used to) sound check

1:22:05 – We spring a Gatesy’s Merch Corner on Gatesy. He had no idea.

1:24:07 – Remember Patreon? Let us remind you.

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