Episode 66: Irony

In episode 6 of this season (4) we finally explore the topic of irony? And what could be more ironic than not knowing what irony is? Join us, won’t you, as we discover what it does/doesn’t mean together?

Featuring a live performance of Autumn Leaves along with You Got To Have Nuts – IRONY?

Episode Notes:

00:00 – Let’s start by admitting that none of us know what irony is. Or do we? Wait, is that ironic?

05:00 – Are we still talking about this?

08:40 – It’s Scod: Flick Licker… or is it?? A new segment is born

09:40 – Yon has a terrible idea

14:10 – Welcome to Scod: Remoter Head

24:50 – I think that went better than expected

36:47 – Now we move to this week’s Poggin Hood Mailbag

40:40 – A live performance of Autumn Leaves, as requested on the mailbag

44:26 – Here’s the recording the listener was referring to

45:45 – A thank you to our Patreons!

56:48 – Live performance of You Got To Have Nuts

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