Episode 67: Human Violence

In Season 4, Episode 7 we explore the world of Human Violence, except we don’t – who knew?! But the song is about Human Violence… and as always, Gatesy keeps us on topic whenever he can.

That said the episode is chock full of good (new) stuff, including an instant (new) classic segment: $20 Gamer and a live performance of “Taking The Life” from Tripod Versus The Dragon. Poggo also plays some sax to kick it up a notch 80s style.

Episode Notes:

00:00 – Why are we talking about this?

01:07 – The guys annoy Poggo

03:30 – Well, are you listeners?

04:45 – Listen as we build an instant classic

06:40 – It’s $20 Gamer! Enjoy this fresh new segment

11:50 – A deal is struck

22:25 – Live performance of Taking The Life from Tripod Versus The Dragon

27:03 – A little wind instrument HOT TIPS from Poggo

44:08 – It’s another Pogginhood Mailbag!

1:02:28 – We move to Scod: Flick Licker

1:07:47 – We cut quickly to a little Scod: Scorner

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