Episode 68: Return of Theatre of the Mind!

Due to popular demand we’re back! And what are we back with? but none other than Poggo’s Theatre of the mind. In this edition Yon takes the DM chair and we check out a shaky setting of World War I. I’m sure nothing can go wrong… We even manage to get to some segments and a song before the episode is done. So join us won’t you?

Episode Notes:

00:00 – You knew this already, but we’re back!

….OK this next bit goes for quite some time. But it’s a good ride! 🙂

49:30 – Right, we’re ready to start the normal episode. Lol.

53:37 – $20 Gamer is up next

1:01:52 – We shove in a Scod: Flick Licker

1:08:45 – Live performance of the rarely heard song “Everything is Permanently Good Again”

1:19:25 – We squeeze in a single Poggin Hood Mailbag. How? Who knows?!

1:25:25 – It’s The Tale of the Tale of Two Stories

…We’ll be back next time with the continuation of Theatre of the Mind!!

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