Episode 69: Birthdays

In this episode we continue with “The Great War” – when the group ever get to a “war” is hard to tell. That said we do enjoy a new game called “Ratso” – I’ll let you discover what that is…

But! There are some amongst us who are having a birthday. What fun we have – possible sponsorship resulting from the birthday cake, new birthday songs, the full bit! Join us won’t you?

Episode Notes:

00:00 – We’re back with “The War”. Games are played.

33:45 – The beginning of the “normal” episode for those who hate Theatre of the Mind

35:40 – PGP gains a potential sponsor

39:10 – We give presents that are also TWENTY DOLLARS (P.S it’s $20 Gamer)

49:16 – Tripod drop a birthday bombshell!

1:01:52 – Poggo gets real

1:08:08 – We’ve got time for some mailbag yes?

1:24:30 – We finish with a birthday sing-a-long(?)

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