Episode 7: Family

It’s yet another podcast recorded on the road, making it a hat-trick of occasions that Andrew has had to actually do some editing work. In this podcast Tripod and Andrew Pogson explore “Families”… for a few moments before they get back onto gently rambling stories that go nowhere and everywhere.

And where do Tripod find themselves this week? Why our Nation’s Capital of course – or as Andrew refers to it; “a perfectly lovely city that will forever be scarred blessed by Andrew’s sax playing”.

Featuring Family-type songs like I Hate Your Family, Ancestors and Lingering Dad along with Tripod Trivia and a NEW BUMPER.

Episode Notes:

30:09 – Live performance of I Hate Your Family from Open Slather Special Christmas Edition – now with bonus Easter themed lyrics!

44:40 – Tripod Trivia and a NEW BUMPER! Some explanation: Andrew made this bumper after they recorded the show, otherwise Tripod would have LOVED it.

50:30 – It’s the Lightning Round.

53:00 – Pause the Lightning Round for some story about beards.

55:23 – Lightning Round resumed

1:01:50 – Live performance of Ancestors, a cappella style.

1:20:26 – Live performance of Lingering Dad from Men of Substance

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