Episode 73: More Song in 20 Minutes

In episode 2 of season 5 we hear the wonderful results from episode 1’s “Song in 20 Minutes” winner Steven Gates: “Water Your Fuckin’ Plants”. Poggo also turns up with some iso-inspired creativity along with all of the usual shenanigans. And if it wasn’t already clear during the show, these episodes are now being recorded LIVE and broadcast (LIVE) via Tripod’s YouTube channel. Join up on Patreon as a supporter and you will get access to these live, interactive broadcasts.

Thanks again to all of our listeners, and please enjoy the fruits of our solitary labours.

Episode Notes:

00:00 – No cold opens at the moment – very hard in iso…

07:52 – We complete some homework with segment “Remoter Head”

20:30 – Poggo brings along some content with his solo recording of “God Only Knows” by the Beach Boys. This version of the song appeared in Bioshock Infinite

28:56 – Onto the meat of the show – this week’s “Song in 20 Minutes”

32:40 – And the result from episode one’s winner “Water Your Fuckin’ Plants”

47:12 – …and now onto the NEW Songs in 20 Minutes

1:14:38 – Our segment “What’s The Best The Could Happen?”

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